1/11/23 • John • Week 1

1) How do verses 1-5 describe the “Word”? Who or what do you think John is describing when he says the "Word"? 
2) What other person does the author of the gospel introduce in this passage in verses 6-8 and 15? What is his role in this story? 
3) Jesus is described in this passage as the light coming into the darkness. According to verses 11-13, what are the two differing responses to Jesus as the light? 
4) In verse 14, how does the passage describe what the Word did for us? 

1) Why is it important for John to establish that Jesus is eternal, creator, and God? 
2) How does John the Baptist’s role instruct us in how we can share the gospel with others? 
3) According to verse 18, no one can see God. If someone wanted to see God, what could they do? 
4) What does it mean in verse 14 for the Word (Jesus) to “dwell among us”? 
5) Why did Jesus come to dwell among us? 

1) John reminds us that Jesus entered into darkness when he became human. What encouragement does this offer to you when things feel dark in your own life? 
2) This week, name one way that you can point to Jesus as the light like John the Baptist did. 
3) Is there someone who has been like John the Baptist in your own life, pointing you toward the light in the darkness? 

1) Is there an area in your life where it feels like the darkness is closing in on you? Ask Jesus to meet you in the darkness and point you to His light. 
2) What are areas where you have not been reflecting the light of Jesus to others? Maybe there are certain friends around whom you do not represent Jesus well? Ask Jesus for guidance and help. 

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