1/6/21 • Habakkuk • 1 • The Question

Where are you God when I see injustice around me? Do you care? How can I trust when I live in difficult times? Habakkuk, a follower God, has an honest, back and forth conversation with God.
This week, we’ll see how Habakkuk’s question prompts an answer that Habakkuk can’t believe, but will help us see who God really is and that we can trust Him!

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-11
Main Point: God sees more, and is in control of more than you could believe.

Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever asked the question, Where are you God when I see and face evil? Why do you ask that question?
  • What was one thing from Habakkuk’s conversation with God that surprised you? 
  • Was there anything that God did that was uncomfortable for you? Why?
  • Why do we tend to view God as if he works for us and should do what we want him to do?
  • How is it a comfort to know you can bring your complaints to God?
  • How is it a comfort to know that God will judge evil?
  • When praying this week, ask God your toughest question.

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