02/10/21-03/17/21 • Unfiltered Jesus • 6 week series

In this series from Northridge Church and Pastor Drew Karschner, we’ll look at Jesus’s unfiltered character and unwavering commitment to follow the will of the Father. Filmed on location in Israel, we’ll experience Jesus' life of dependence, faith, denial, love, obedience, and pursuit of people. The end goal is that we too may reflect the life of Jesus unfiltered.

See the 6 week lesson series below
Note: We will watch these together on Wednesdays. If you would like to watch it apart from Wednesday's, you need a RightNow Media account.  Email office@princetownchurch.com to request your free account access.

02/10/21 • 1 • Unfiltered Dependence

Scripture: Matthew 14:13-32
Main Point: Say no to great things so we can experience the best thing, intimacy with God.
  1. Where is your favorite place to go to rest and relax?
  2. What most impacted you from Drew’s sermon and the video footage from Israel? 
  3. Read Matthew 14:13-23.
    • What stands out to you in this passage about Jesus’ priorities with God and people?   
  4. Read Matthew 11:28.
    • Where do you tend to look for rest instead of spending time with God?
    • How might time with God leave us more rested than other ways we try to find rest?
  5. Read Proverbs 3:5-6.
    • What can we learn from this passage about how to increase our dependence on God?
  6. What excuses do you find yourself using for not spending meaningful time with God?
  7. What needs to change in your life to ensure you spend time alone with God?

02/17/21 • 2 • Unfiltered Faith

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41
Main Point: Trust in the lasting God, don’t fear the passing circumstances.
  1. What is one of the biggest weather storms you have experienced in your life?
  2. How do fear and worry display themselves in your life when you face difficulty?
  3. Drew shared that, “Faith doesn’t come in a moment, it comes from understanding and acting on who God is and what He is capable of.
  4. Based on that statement, what are some ways we can increase our faith?
  5. Read Mark 4:35-41.
    • What do you notice about the disciple’s different reactions to the storm and to Jesus?
  6. How does this story impact how you are processing your current circumstances?
  7. Read Philippians 4:6-7.
    • As you think about this passage, how is it possible to have peace when life gets difficult
  8. What would it look like for you to replace fear with faith in your current circumstances?

02/24/21 • 3 • Unfiltered Resistance

Scripture: Luke 4:1-13
Main Point: No matter what satan offers, we can have unfiltered resistance through God’s Word.
  1. What is the one food you tend to crave the most?
  2. Satan typically has a 3-pronged strategy he uses to set us up for failure (Distorting God’s Word, Attacking our weak points, and Isolation). Which one of these presents the most challenge for you?
  3. During this season of social distancing, how might the attack of isolation increase our struggles?
  4. Read Luke 4:1-13
    • What stands out to you about Jesus’ interaction with Satan? 
    • What can we learn from how Jesus responded that would be helpful in our own response to temptation?
  5. What is a passage of scripture that could help you deal with a particular temptation? 
  6. Read 1 Corinthians 10:13
    • What are some “ways out” of temptation that God might provide for us?
  7. Like Jesus, as we resist temptation Satan might walk away frustrated. Is there an area you can celebrate where Satan hasn’t succeeded in his efforts to tempt you?
  8. Is there an area you need your group’s help because you’ve struggled with temptation?

03/03/21 • 4 • Unfiltered Love

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37
Main Point: The love of Jesus compels us to go and do likewise.
  1. Have you ever been lost or broken down while on a trip? Where were you? What was it like
  2. Three perspectives we can live with, represented by the three characters in the passage, are:
    • Lawyer: Complicates simple obedience, values philosophy over action.
    • Samaritan: Doesn’t allow personal busyness to get in the way of meeting needs.
    • Victim: Understands the experience of being broken and helpless, needing to be saved.
    • Which one of these do you personally relate to most?
  3. What are some ways Christians can run the risk of complicating simple obedience?
  4. Read Luke 10:25-28 
    • What does Jesus confirm are two indicators that a person has eternal life? 
  5. Read Luke 10:29-37
    • How do the Samaritans actions expand our understanding of what it means to be a neighbor
    • What is filtering your ability to love like the Samaritan did? 
  6. Read Luke 6:31
    • If you truly practiced this principle how would your life be different?
  7. What need is the love of Christ compelling you to meet this week?
  8. What are some ways our group could team 

03/10/21 • 5 • Unfiltered Obedience

Scripture: John 12:12-16, 23-38
Main Point: Jesus Obedience helps us to trust and obey.
  1. If you had the option to know the future, would you take the option? Why or why not?
  2. What things have filtered out your obedience to God? (Examples: cost, reputation, ease, fear, uncertainty, comfort, something else?)
  3. How have you been able to overcome the things that are “filtering out” your obedience to God?
  4. Read John 12:12-16 and 23-28.
    • What stands out to you from these Scripture passages?
  5. Reread John 12:27-28.
    • What do you think of Jesus’ response to His impending death?
  6. Reread John 12:25.
    • What might it look like for us to follow this challenge from Jesus right now?
  7. Where is the path of least resistance calling your name? Where are you tempted to take the easy instead of hard road right now? 
  8. Jesus showed he loved us by walking obediently to the cross. What is keeping you from trusting his invitation of love to trust Jesus as Savior?
  9. How can our group be praying for or help you right now? 

03/17/21 • 6 • Unfiltered Pursuit

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35
Main Point: Jesus pursues us so we can recognize him, and trust him.
  1. What is something you have seen or been told about, but others would say is unbelievable?
  2. Read Luke 24:13-35.
    • What stands out to you from this story? right now? 
  3. Reread Luke 24:30-32.
    • What was it like for you when you first recognized Jesus?
    • What factors might lead someone from unbelief to recognizing the resurrected Jesus and believing? 
    • If you don’t believe, what questions do you still have for believing Jesus is who He claimed to be?
  4. If we lose our amazement in Easter, how might we recapture it?
  5. Does the fact that Jesus is alive still change your every day? What is an area of your life that needs to change in light of the resurrection?
  6. What is a next step in your faith you want to commit to or recommit to pursue over the next few months?
  7. Who can you pursue and share Jesus with this week?

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