07/29/20 - Knowing God\'s Will - Senior Night

On Senior Night, we will be celebrating our graduates! Whether a teen is a senior or not, one of the most often asked questions is What is the will of God for my life? Often times christians will want to know “Who should I date, What job should I take, What college should I go to, etc…?

This week Afshin Ziafiat will share from God’s Word what God’s will is for our lives. The Bible actually gives more specifics than we might think! Most of the time we focus on the “Where and What” when it comes to God’s will, when God is more concerned with us being “Who” he has called us to be in all those situations. When we are “who” he wants us to be, it makes it easier to see the “where and what”.

Scripture Passages: 1 John 3:2
Main Point: Focus more on the parts of God’s will that has clearly been revealed to us, instead of the parts that aren’t.
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