2/9/22 • Contagious Christianity • Week 1

This is a two week series that focuses on “how” and “why” we share our faith with others!
This week is all about the "why" we share our faith.

  1. When you hear the word, “contagious,” what do you think of? Can something contagious be a good thing?

2. Why is it hard to love some people?

3. Read the three parables (sheep, coins, son) in Luke 15 and have students put the stories into their own words.
What’s the point of Jesus’ telling these stories? What message is He trying to get across?

4. Do you think that every soul matters to God? Do you believe that He even cares about those that no one else cares about? Why or why not?

5. What is the Great Commission, and how can you, as teenagers, live out what Jesus commands us to do?

6. How can you let your worlds collide? What are some ways you can tear down the separations between your church life, school life, friend life, etc.?

7. If you were successful in being a contagious Christian, and everyone became more like you, would this world be a better place, or would it be worse off? Explain.

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