2/16/22 • Contagious Christianity • Week 2

This is a two week series that focuses on “how” and “why” we share our faith with others!
This week is all about the "how" we share our faith.
1. Who has impacted your life the most? How?

2. Does anyone have a story to share about how they had an opportunity to share their faith, and it didn’t go as well as they had hoped?

3. How confident are you that you know what you believe about Jesus?

4. How confident are you that you can explain what you believe about Jesus to others?

5. Is the gospel message simple or complicated? Why do you say that?

6. Do you know of anyone who says that they are a Christian, but they live differently than how a Christian should live? Without using names, what do they do that contradicts what they say they believe?

7. Take a few minutes with a partner, and practice sharing what you believe. Explain why you’re a Christian, why you believe that following Jesus is the best way to live, and how they can become a Christian, too.

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