12/16/20 • Fear Not • 2 • Where do I stand with God?

Fear is a huge driver for our lives. We are told to be brave, to stand tall, but often fear creeps in. Should fear have a say over our lives? This week we'll talk about one of the biggest underlying fears we can face with God... Where do I stand with God...?

Scripture: Luke 2:8-11, Romans 3:20-24
Main Point: You can be right with God if you trust Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are you looking forward to most about Christmas?
  2. In what ways might you feel distant from God?
  3. Are there certain times in your life or certain situations where you feel more distant from God than others? If so, what are they?
  4. How does the statement “Fear Not”, relate to the message of Jesus?
  5. Should we “fear not” God if we don’t trust Jesus? Like the Roman Soldiers at the tomb?
  6. How have you been changed by the good news of Jesus Christ?
  7. Who do you know that needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ this Christmas? What can you do to share the good news with them?
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