8/05/20 - A Transformed Life

Our culture seeks transformation, hope, and fulfillment. We search in many different places for that. This week, Christopher Yuan shares his story of how God transformed his life. Christopher talks about how God has changed his life so he could find true fulfillment, hope, and transformation in God, instead of finding it in homosexuality. Christopher shares very pointedly what the Bible says and points us all towards true hope that we can find in Christ. So where do you look for transformation, hope, fulfillment in your life?
Note to Parents
  1. Because of the weight our culture puts on living out our sexual identity, this is a great video for parents and teens to watch together and talk through.
  2. Because our culture shares most of these things with our middle school and high school teens already, it is important that they hear the church engaging these issues so they can form a worldview based on scripture, and not culture. This is why we are choosing to show this video.
  3. While there is nothing explicitly graphic shared, Christopher Yuan does talk about his his homosexual practice and drug use. Parents, if you have concerns, please preview the video first and let me know if you have any questions.

Scripture Passages: Galatians 2:20
Main Point: God transforms our life so we can live holy and give him glory.

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