9/22/21 • Best Life Now? Part 1

How can we be happy? How can we live our best life now? We are all searching for this but this type of life is generally not found in the place you might think. Jesus talks about this in John chapter 10 and we will look at it together!

Scripture: John 10:1-15
Main Point: You can have your best life now by trusting Jesus

  1. Tell a story of a time when you were really happy?
  2. Why do you think we want to find happiness?
  3. Jesus shares that He is the good shepherd and brings life and happiness. Why would we look to other places?
  4. What are some of the things that distract us from true happiness or what are some things that you look to for happiness?
  5. Matt Smethurst said - “World: Your main problem is outside you. The solution is within you. Bible: Your main problem is within you. The solution is outside you.” How would this quote be helpful in the way you view your life?
  6. Read Luke 9:23-24 What does it share about gaining true happiness or life?
  7. Where have you seen sacrificing your life actually brings happiness?
  8. How can we help each other pursue true happiness this week?

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