5/19/21 • You Asked For It • 2 • Do we have a spirit?

You Asked For It - The teens have voted and spoken. These are the topics they would like us to discuss at RockLife. Next weeks lesson is controversial in our World, do we have a soul or Spirit, and how can we know?

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-27, 2:7
Main Point: You are not just physical reactions, but a God made person with intrinsic value

  • What was something you learned about your spirit today?
  • Why do you think many in our world believe we don’t have a spirit?
  • What do you think of this statement - You are not just physical reactions, but a person with intrinsic value.
  • What are some places people try to find “intrinsic value” in?
  • What are some of the dangers of finding intrinsic value in other things besides God?
  • What are some areas where you can trust and obey Jesus in your spirit (attitude, mind, emotions, will, etc…)?
  • How can this group help each other with this?

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