1/13/21 • Habakkuk • 2 • Hope and Faith

Where are you God when I see injustice around me? Do you care? How can I trust when I live in difficult times? Habakkuk, a follower God, has an honest, back and forth conversation with God.
This week, we’ll see how God’s judgement prompts another question by Habakkuk; “Are you good, God?” God responds with hope for us all!

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:12-2:5
Main Point: God is good and made a way for you to be good by faith.

Discussion Questions

  • If you could ask God one question about what you see is unfair, what question would you ask him?
  • Why do we tend to make excuses for our own evils, but what justice done for evils committed against us?
  • Read Habakkuk 2:1. What are some ways you can go to God and listen for his answers? Why don’t we typically do that?
  • Why is it hard to wait on God’s timing and God’s answer?
  • Read Habakkuk 2:4 - How are we made right with God? Trying Harder to do the right thing?
  • How does our pride get in the way of being made right with God?
  • How would this statement change the way we view the world and our tough circumstances: “We aren’t as good as we think, and God is better than we think”?
  • Are you willing to trust in Jesus as your way to be right with God today?
  • Read Habakkuk 2 together this week.
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