11/4/20 • Real Friends • 4 • Being there for friends

We're in the last week of our series on Friendship. Most of the time, friendship is defined as "being there" for your friend. While it can be awesome to do that, is that the ultimate goal of friendship? What happens when you can't keep healthy boundaries? How should we define friendship in a world where "being there" is the most important thing?

Scripture: Hebrews 3:12-13, Proverbs 27:5-6, Psalm 16:5-6
Main Point: Don’t be there for your friends, Love them like Jesus


  1. What does being there for your friends look like or how would you want your friends to be there for you? 
  2. Why would a friend tell you the truth in love? How could this hurt the friendship in the short term? 
  3. What are some ways you could sacrifice for your friends?
  4. Should you “be there” for every person or even every friend in the same way? 
  5. What are some appropriate boundaries for friendships? 
  6. What are some good ways to setup or talk about those boundaries with friends? (maybe give a scenario and role play how you would setup appropriate boundaries for supporting them) 
  7. How can this group love each other like Jesus and not just “be there” for each other? 
  8. What Questions do you have about friendship?

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