9/29/21 • Best Life Now? Part 2

How can we be happy? How can we live our best life now? We are all searching for this but this type of life is generally not found in the place you might think. This week we will talk about the benefits of trusting Jesus, but we don't want to exchange the gift for the giver

Scripture: Matthew 16:24, Acts 20:35
Main Point: Trusting Jesus is best for you, even if it costs

  1. What was something you did this week that made you happy?
  2. Can you think of a time where coming to church has helped you with your happiness?
  3. Read Matthew 16:24 - To find Jesus and true happiness, what will it cost you?
  4. What are some of the things that get in the way of prioritizing church? What can you do to reorder your priorities?
  5. Read Acts 20:35 - Has there ever been a time in your life where you’ve seen benefits from helping others? How?
  6. How have you seen that selfishness makes you miserable?
  7. What are some things that are getting in the way of trusting Jesus?
  8. How can we engage with each other and serve each other this week?

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