Pastors & Staff

Mike Barnhart

Senior Pastor

Mike began serving as pastor at Princetown in December 2018. His passion is to point others to Jesus because Jesus is our one, true hope. Mike is married to Sara, and they have four boys—Isaac, Reuben, Josiah, and Silas. He enjoys the outdoors, cheering on Chicago sports teams, and time with his family.

Contact Mike at 518-355-0794 or at mikeb@princetownchurch.com

Ian Bonthron

Ministries & Next Gen Pastor

Ian started at Princetown in June, 2012 as our youth pastor. He has been working with teens and the local church for over 15 years in the northeast. In September 2021, Ian transitioned to being our ministries pastor where he will serve and oversee our next gen ministries staff and other ministries. He loves God, loves the next generation, and is passionate about helping people to form their own relationship with Jesus. He, his wife Abby, his daughters Grace and Addie, and his son Eli are so excited to be at Princetown encouraging our church to Love Jesus, Love One Another and Live with Purpose.

Contact Ian at 518-355-0794 or at ianb@princetownchurch.com

matt richmond

Youth and College Director

Matt began serving as the Worship Intern at Princetown Church in July 2020. Matt’s desire is to lead others in worship of Jesus Christ, especially through music. Matt is married to Stephanie, and they have one son - Judah. Matt likes to play music, go fishing, watch football (go Steelers!), and have fellowship.

Contact Matt at 518-355-0794 or at mattr@princetownchurch.com

heather moran

Administrative Director

Heather is our office manager and communications director and has worked for the church since the fall of 2010.  Heather enjoys math, watching swim meets, being a wife & mom, and encouraging plants to grow.

Contact Heather at 518-355-0794 or at office@princetownchurch.com

Ann gazdik

Media Coordinator

Ann is our creative arts and media director and has worked for the church since 1995.  Ann enjoys playing the piano, photography, and exploring God's creation.

Contact Ann at 518-355-0794 or at ann.gazdik@gmail.com


Facility Coordinator

Brad became the Facility Coordinator in 2022. He's been a member of Princetown Church since 1991 and has served as an Elder and a Deacon. Brad is married to Tara and enjoys when their sons, Justin and Jordan are home from college. He enjoys outdoor adventures, spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, and listening to good cell phone alarm tones.