Tom Bates

Tom and his wife Josie began coming to Princetown Church in the early 1990's when their oldest of three daughters began preschool at the church. They loved the welcoming atmosphere, friendships that developed and the gospel centered worship and messages. Tom has served as an elder and a deacon, along with being on various committees. He enjoys spending time with his family, fixing stuff, cycling, kayaking, and fishing.

Ian Bonthron

Ian began attending Princetown in 2012.  He became an Elder in 2019 and became our Lead Pastor in January 2024. Ian's full bio can be read below in the staff section.

Brad Bush

Brad began attending Princetown in 1991.  He rejoined the Elder team in 2023. Brad's full bio can be read below in the staff section.

John Gazdik

John, aka 'Gaz' began attending Princetown Church in 1990. He served as an Elder from 1996-2002 and rejoined the team in 2021. Gaz retired from GE in 2023. He and his wife Ann have 3 grown children who all grew up in the church and is passionate about Youth Ministry!

Jerry Lindecke

Jerry became a member of Princetown Church in 2002 and has served as a Deacon and Deacon's Fund Treasurer. He started as an Elder in 2019 and became an Assistant Treasurer and started lawn care in 2023.  Jerry is married to Mary and enjoys time with their two daughters Sarah and Emma. He also enjoys outdoor adventures, golfing, traveling, home projects and spending time with friends.  

Vinny Reda

Vinny began attending Princetown in 2011 and became an elder in 2022. He teaches in Kids Group and visits seniors with Marilyn's Ministry. He thanks The Lord for his marriage to Cheryl and their parenthood of Amber. He has a passion for scouring The Bible to answer theological questions of soteriology and eschatology. He also likes to sing along to Frank Sinatra records.


Rick Catuccio

Rick and his wife Theresa begin attending Princetown Church in the fall of 2020.
They knew they had found our church the first time they attended with such a loving and welcoming family of believers. As well as sound Bible teaching doctrine.
Rick became a deacon in 2023.
Rick enjoys spending time with family especially their grandchildren and gets great satisfaction from helping those who have a need. He also enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing and boating. The simple things in life bring him much pleasure.

Jill Mackie

Jill has attended Princetown Church since 1989 and became a Deacon in 2022.  Jill's full bio can be read below in the staff section.  

Alex Mackie

Alex was born in Philadelphia, PA. He first attended Princetown Church in September 1992. Alex first served as a deacon from 1997 to 2003, and then as an elder from 2017 to 2023. He taught 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School from 1995 until 2020. Alex and his wife Jill have 4 children and eight grandchildren. He enjoys classical music, ice hockey, sailing and spending time outside with family and friends.  

Kevin Moran

Kevin began attending Princetown Church in 2000. He became a Deacon in 2024 and has served in many roles in the church, including Elder, Treasurer, and Sunday School teacher. Kevin loves his family, biking, carpentry and being outdoors. He has a passion for serving the elderly in different capacities, including visiting nursing homes.  

Scott Relyea


IAN BONTHRON - Lead Pastor

Ian started at Princetown in June, 2012 as our youth director. He has been working with teens and the local church for over 20 years in the northeast. After serving as our Ministries Pastor for several years, Ian transitioned to being our Lead Pastor in January 2024. Ian loves Jesus, loves the next generation, and is passionate about helping people to form their own relationship with Jesus. He, his wife Abby, his daughters Grace and Addie, and his son Eli are so excited to be at Princetown encouraging our church to Love Jesus, Love One Another and Live with Purpose.

Contact Ian at 518-355-0794 or at ianb@princetownchurch.com

BRAD BUSH - Operations & Ministry Support Director

Brad started as our Facility Coordinator in 2022 and became our Operations & Ministry Director in 2024. He's been a member of Princetown Church since 1991 and has served as an Elder and a Deacon. Brad is married to Tara and enjoys when their sons, Justin and Jordan, are home from college. He also enjoys outdoor adventures, spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, and listening to good cell phone alarm tones.  

Contact Brad at 518-355-0794 or at facility@princetownchurch.com

NOAH TINDALE - Youth & Young Adult Director

Noah began serving in an internship position at Princetown Church in the summer of 2023, where his focus was on building and leading our young adult demographic to know Jesus at a deeper level. He joined the staff as our Youth & Young Adult Director in 2024 to further that vision.

Contact Noah at 518-527-3926 or at noaht@princetownchurch.com

EVE DE LUNA SANTOS - Worship Leader

Eve began doing ministry at Princetown Church in May 2023. She married her husband André in December 2022. Eve volunteered through worship throughout college and was called to ministry while volunteering overseas in 2021. She later became a worship arts intern where she gained hands-on experience in leading the congregation into worship. Her passion is to help others encounter the presence of God and show them how to do that in their daily life. In her spare time, she loves to sing, play piano, bake and be in the sun.

Contact Eve at 518-355-0794 or eved@princetownchurch.com

HEATHER MORAN - Administrative Director

Heather is our administrative director and has worked for the church since the fall of 2010.  Heather enjoys math, watching swim meets, cheering for the Chiefs, being a wife & mom, and encouraging plants to grow.

Contact Heather at 518-355-0794 or at office@princetownchurch.com

ANN GAZDIK - Media Coordinator

Ann is our creative arts and media director and has worked for the church since 1995.  Ann enjoys playing the piano, photography, and exploring God's creation.

Contact Ann at 518-355-0794 or at anng@princetownchurch.com

JILL MACKIE - Kids Coordinator

Jill has attended Princetown Church since 1989. She has been involved in Children’s Ministry and Christian Education during that time, sometimes as a volunteer and sometimes as an employed staff member. Her passion is to point kids toward a life changing relationship with Jesus and to partner with and support families in their journey of faith. She enjoys card making, scrapbooking, gardening and spending time with her family, including her 8 grandchildren.

Contact Jill at kids@princetownchurch.com