Worship Service Nursery  
10:45 service only
Ages 0 - 2

Princetown Church has a full-service nursery provided for infants and toddlers through age two during our 10:45a worship services.  Our nursery is staffed by responsible and caring adults and teens.

The Nursery is located in our Next Gen Wing off the main entrance (Room 10 - The Green Room). The room is filled with age-appropriate equipment and toys. Please bring your child with diaper supplies and bottles. Snack is currently not provided.

To CHECK-iN your kids for your first time at Princetown, enter at the main entrance doors and follow the signs for Kids CHECK-iN station. Once there one of our volunteers would love to help you get your kids registered!

The Family Wiggle Room is available for parents at both services. This room is accessible through the hallway by the ladies' room out of the back of the worship room. This room has couches, some toys, and the service is streamed through a TV. We are requesting that one parent accompany and supervise your child/children while they are in this room.  

For more information please see below.


• When you arrive on Sunday morning, go to the Child CHECK-IN station to register your child for the nursery. You will receive a Name tag for your child and a parent Security tag. Both will have a matching ID code. Note: if your child has an allergy be sure to let them know at the CHECK-IN station so that your child’s sticker will note the allergy.

• Bring your child to the Nursery (Room 10 - Green Room) where the Greeter will record your security code. The codes will be matched up when you come to pick up your child.

• Here at Princetown Church we are very concerned with the safety of your little ones and for that reason we require that each nursery volunteer (18 and over) complete a Background Check. Again, for safety as well as for comfort of all our children, we ask that only nursery staff be present in the actual nursery room. The two exceptions are 1) for changing a diaper if needed and 2)for your child’s first time visit to the nursery. In this case, you will receive a visitor’s sticker from the Child Check-in station, as well.

• During this Covid season, we are not offering snacks. In the future we will be serving a snack that has been checked for peanut allergies. If your child has an allergy other than peanuts we can work to accommodate this as well.

• Feel free to hang your diaper bag up on the hooks in the nursery. We will have Princetown Church diaper bag tags for you to put on your bag.

• We have a “Nursing mother’s room” available if you would like privacy for nursing or if your little one will not separate from you. Moms are welcome to use this room when needed. It is accessible through the office door near the back of the sanctuary.

• While our goal is to have a wonderful time with your child, we know that some days just don’t work out that way and tears will flow. If this does happen, we’ll do our best to comfort your child, but will not let him/her cry for more than 10 minutes without contacting you to come. Parents are welcome to bring a crying child into the “family wiggle room” located in room 5 off of the worship room. This room is accessible through the hallway with the ladies' room out of the back of the worship room.

• We will be sharing God’s love with your child through songs, saying Grace before snack, and playtime. We recognize that this is often your child’s first church experience and we are excited to share our love for Jesus and tell them more about Jesus and His great love for them!

Thank you for trusting your little ones with us, we’re looking forward to watching them grow physically and in the love of God!