Kids church & Nursery are available during the 9:30am service

Start the CHECK-iN process from home

WHO gets checked in?
All children age 0 - 4th grade.
(5th graders attending the KIDS Group at 11a should be checked in as well.)

WHERE do we go?
Come through the Cafe doors at the side of the church (look for blue Welcome! flags) and follow the signs for Kids CHECK-iN. Someone at the Guest Kids CHECK-iN station will meet your family and check your children into our system to ensure that you are the only one who can pick them up at the end of your time at church.

WHAT is the CHECK-iN process like?
We will gather some information from your family:
  • Parent's name, email, phone
  • Child's name, birthdate,  & any allergies

You will receive a NAME TAG for each child and two SECURITY STICKERS with a 4 digit code that you will keep to pick up your children. This code appears with your child's name on the teacher's tablet, ensuring they will only be released to you.

First time attenders will receive a special sticker to let teachers know it's their first time at Princetown Church.

Where do we go after CHECK-iN?
If you need help, one of our volunteers will gladly show you where to go. (see age-specific details below)

  • You can choose to bring them directly to the Nursery (Room 10 - the GREEN room in the Next Gen wing) or bring them into the service and then to the Nursery when they are ready to play.

  • Bring them into the service with you. They will be dismissed during the service to go to KIDS CHURCH all together.

Important: In order to send your children to their locations, they must have a NAME TAG.

If a need for your child arises during our service, we will text the number you provided at CHECK-iN, so have your phone nearby, but please ensure it is silenced as to limit distraction.

Where do I pick up my child?
At the end of the service, head through the doors at the front of the sanctuary, continue through the Cafe to the Next Gen wing.

- Room 10 GREEN room.

Kids Church*
- Room 12 RED room

Show the teacher your SECURITY STICKER  in order for your child to be released back to you.

*If your child(ren) are staying for KIDS Group they will be picked up by their KIDS Group teacher and brought to their group room. Learn more about KIDS Group HERE

frequently asked questions

Why do we have CHECK-iN for children?
Here at Princetown, we love children! Our desire is that they have an enjoyable, safe environment where they can learn about how awesome Jesus is. This is why we have a Kids CHECK-iN process.

Do I have to check in my child every week?
Yes. Every week your child will receive a new NAME TAG and you will receive a new SECURITY STICKER.

If I check in my child, do I have to take them to the Nursery or send them to Kids Church?
No. You can keep them with you in the service or utilize some of our live streaming rooms. But, in order to send your children to their locations, they must have a NAME TAG.

What if I lose my SECURITY STICKER?
Go to the Guest Kids CHECK-iN station and show them your license. They will issue you a new SECURITY STICKER.

What if my child brings a guest?
Go to the Guest CHECK-iN station and someone will be glad to check in your whole family and your guest.

Can someone else pick up my child?
If you choose to have someone else pick up your child, make sure they are 9th grade and older and you give them your SECURITY STICKER.

What if I arrive late to the service and Kids Church has already been dismissed?

First, make sure you CHECK-iN. Second, to provide the best supervision, we require an ADULT to ADULT drop-off of a child. An ADULT is you or anyone you approve 9th grade and older to drop off your children to their locations. This means you as the parent (ADULT) will bring your children to the teacher (ADULT) in the Kids Church classroom.