Join us as we read through the Bible together.

Option 1: Read through the Bible in a year
Go to the Princetown Church App and choose BIBLE at the bottom.
The plan is to read from the Old Testament and New Testament each day.

Option 2: Read and study the passage(s) that will be used as the basis of our Sunday messages.
Get the passage to be preached on Sunday from our weekly Worship Information email. (sent the previous Sunday)

As you read use the questions below to go further and engage with God.

What do you think God is saying in this passage?
In the passage, is there a truth you need to believe, a promise to trust, or a command to obey?
How might my life change today, or this week, if I live out what God is teaching me?

Looking to grow more as you read the Bible?
Here are 10 suggestions to enrich your Bible reading time.
Check them out by clicking on the button below.

To go along with your reading, go deeper by watching the videos below.  These videos explain the main ideas and flow of each of the books of the Bible.

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