5/26/21 • You Asked For It • 3 • Christian Misconceptions

This Wednesday - You Asked For It - The teens have voted and spoken. These are the topics they would like us to discuss at RockLife. This weeks lesson is all about our misconceptions. Which ones are common among Christians? How do we deal with them?

Scripture: Multiple Passages
Main Point: Get to know God, so you KNOW who he is

  • Have you ever heard a song lyric wrong? What did you think it said?
  • Which of the following Common Christian Misconception do you struggle with?
  • What might be some of the reasons people have misconceptions?
  • What are some Misconceptions you see Christians having?
  • Why might Christians struggle with misconceptions?
  • What are some habits you can form this summer that can help you know God more (and help you change some of your misconceptions)?
  • What are some bad habits you can avoid that will help you not be as distracted from God this summer?
  • How can this group help?

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