10/20/21 • Deep

We hear, read, and even sing the promise that God will never let us down! But what if we feel like He has? Most of us grow up learning to sugarcoat our disappointment with God by using cliché phrases and verses rather than facing it with honesty. Join us this week as we follow the Psalmist's example and allow the rivers of disappointment to flow, eroding away our false ideas of God and digging a deep relationship with Him.

Scripture: Psalm 77
Main Point: Being honest about your disappointment with God can move you into a deeper relationship with Him.

  1. Have you ever been to a canyon or something like a canyon? What was it like?
  2. What does a 'deep' friendship look like?
  3. What does a 'deep' relationship with God look like?
  4. Read verses 1-10. What are some ways Asaph felt let down by God?
  5. What are some ways you or others you know have felt let down by God? Why does it feel scary to admit these things?
  6. Rather than doing the hard work of soul-searching, most of us prefer to stay distracted and busy. What’s one idea you have for making time and space for this important process?
  7. When Asaph got to the bottom of his pit of honest soul searching, he looked up at God by looking back to the things He had previously done for His people. What are some adjectives Asaph used to describe God and His actions in verses 11-15?
  8. What’s one example of something God has done in your life, the life of someone you know, or from the stories in the Bible that you can look to in times of disappointment?

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