3/25-3/31 • Reading Plan • Luke 23:32-56

Read this passage every day this week.

Luke 23:32-56

How to Read and Understand the Bible
READ THE PASSAGE then Answer the questions below.
Look Up Section
  • What did you like about this story?
  • What surprised you?
  • What confused or bothered you? Why?
  • What does the passage tell us about God? People? about living to please God?
  • Is there a command to follow?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
Look Forward Section
  • How does this passage change how you view God? Yourself? Other people?
  • How should this passage change how you live?
  • What specifically would you do differently this coming week?
  • What is your “I Will” statement this week? (In one sentence, What will you do with what you’ve learned today: “I will _________”)

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