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Ages 3 - 5th Grade

Kids update on how to use website and curriculum 4/1/20

Kids & Teens update to families 3/17/20


-- Create your own lessons together with your kids --- LESSON PDFs are updated weekly and require a password to access the LESSON.
   (You can print lessons and use as much or as little as you want. Use a different activity each day or do several on one day.)

-- “Talk About” VIDEOS (watch & discuss before lessons) and MUSIC VIDEOS are always available on VIMEO at link below (no password needed).

-- To request PASSWORD (to access lessons), click PASSWORD REQUEST below.


-- Websites on how to handle COVID with kids

-- Articles on how to PRAY

-- Websites for KIDS - videos, printables, etc

Bible app for kids

FREE APP - available on Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Bible stories with touch-activated animations and learning activities, perfect for helping kids learn the big stories of the Bible.

Go to on your mobile device to download it today.

Kids Club Videos

Check out lots of free videos on Crossroads Kids’ Club for all ages, birth through 5th grade  

“God’s Story” videos help explain God’s big rescue plan for us; great for kids, but helps adults understand, too!

“Twos” videos are little finger puppets, great for 2 year olds!

Ready for the Good News!?
Here it is: When we believe that Jesus is God's Son
and that he died and came back to life to rescue US-
we get to be part of God's ...

Watch this video to find out why we celebrate Easter.

(Free streaming service by Focus on the Family)

right now media

Video content for parents and kids

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