Helping kids to

Love Jesus
Love One Another
Live With Purpose

Sundays • 10:30a • Ages 3-5th grade





Interactive Bible stories

"Thank you, God" time

Hands-on projects & activities

Join us!  
We have so much fun!

Kids may join KIDS CHURCH as soon as they turn 3 years of age, even if it's mid-year during a school year.

Kids Church during COVID-19:

WHEN? During the 10:30 service
WHERE? In the KIDS CHURCH Big Room, distanced by family units • Space will be limited, first come, first served.

What will KIDS CHURCH look like? 
  • Fun age-appropriate activities for Kids (videos, music, interactive Bible stories, "Thank You God" time, arts & crafts) 
  • We will be wearing "Masks While Moving" and when within 6 feet of others. At times we will be able to take them off in our seats. 
  • Kids ONLY will be using the bathrooms in the back, all other volunteers and church attenders will be using other bathrooms. (There will be no access to the water fountain at this time.) 
  • Art Supplies Caddies will be provided for each family station each week for any activities that need supplies.
  • Must be completed before 1st time attending (WAIVER BUTTON BELOW - only need to fill it out one time to cover the Fall/Winter Session) 
  • **We will be doing the best we can to make wise decisions and keep everyone as safe as possible. We understand we may need to make adjustments as we go. Thank you for respecting the guidance and discretion of the teachers. Thank you for respecting other kids and teachers who may wish to keep their masks on the entire time. We want to support you in raising your kids and we thank you for your support for all our volunteers as we do our best to bring back KidsChurch!
  1. Complete the WAIVER - BUTTON BELOW (just once)
  2. Make sure your child has his/her MASK & LANYARD each week (see more info below)
  3. CHECK-IN your kids in the lobby each time you come to KIDS CHURCH
  4. Sit together as a family in the Sanctuary - kids will be dismissed to KIDS CHURCH during the service - parents are welcome to walk with your kids and see the whole KIDS CHURCH experience
  5. Sign out your child in the KIDS CHURCH area in the back of the KIDS WING (look for the ORANGE carpet entry door) at the end of the service (parents will need to keep their PICK-UP PASS from CHECK-IN)
  1. Wear your MASK while moving. (If you have a lanyard to keep your mask attached to your person, please bring it. We will be providing a break-away lanyard as a gift to each kid the first time they attend. Yours to keep and wear each time you come back! This will help us not drop our masks on the floor and keep our masks clean and easily accessible. Here's Miss Jet's mask ready to go!) 
  2. HAVE FUN!
Will KIDS CHURCH materials still be online?
Yes! During this time, when we can’t all meet together as a church, families can still access many resources. Check out ways your family can:
  • Learn through interactive lessons together
  • Pray for one another
  • Get to know God in new ways
Thank you, God, for websites and resources!